Flattering Bikini: 7 Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Swimsuit

Not every bikini style suits your body.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always have to be left out when it comes to beach adventures.

Whatever your body type is, there’s always gonna be a way we could find a flattering bikini for you.

Wanna pull off the best summer vacation yet?

Then check out the following guide to choosing your best swimsuit.

We even included tips to finding the best swimsuit to hide your tummy — plus the ones you’d call ‘mom bathing suits.’

Read on. You'll love our 7 tips — and our best sample bikinis down below.

Secrets to choosing swimsuits to hide belly pooch

flattering bikini how to choose a bikini for your body
There’s always a cut that would look great on you. Read on to discover the secrets to finding the best flattering swimsuit for your own body.


1. Find Ones with Sufficient Support

Do you like one-shoulder swimsuits?

I know, they’re quite enticing.

This time, though, you probably have to let them go. They aren’t that great if you’ve got a large bust.

One of the very first secrets to choosing a flattering swimsuit is to make sure it has the right type of support.

Choose Wide Straps

One thing wide straps can do is to give you greater support.

The goal here is pretty simple. Nothing should ever sag.

With wider straps, you’ll enjoy the illusion of having a more sufficient support type for your chest area.

Here’s another tip.

Choose Underwired

I mean, for your bikini top.

I know, they aren’t that comfortable, especially when swimming.

Still, if it has a wide and thick chest band, you can rest assured.

Your breasts should stay put safely. So no worries when running around!

Do Away with String Bikini Tops

That is if your breasts aren’t as big.

You see, such bikini tops don’t offer you much support.

And if anything, they’d only make your breasts look flatter.

flattering bikini tiffany banana leaf white bikini with underwire

Looking for a perfectly fitting underwired bikini? Take a good look at our Tiffany Banana Leaf White Bikini. Absolutely flattering, isn’t it?


2. Let Your Angles Tell You

When you shop for beachwear, you’d try it on, right?

Well, you don’t have that privilege when you shop for swimsuits online.

Luckily, stores like ours provide you with sample looks from all angles.

So really, the point I’m making is for you to check all those angles.

Front. Back. Side. Left. Right.

Check the Back Side

One of the most crucial parts of a swimsuit is the backside. You’d want it to be sexy, right?

Of course.

Now, if you really want to make the most of it, check the back design for its ‘side effects.’

What do we mean by that? Simple. Its effects on your shoulders.

Yup, if you’ve got some broad shoulders, having a little bit of flair at the back can do wonders. Your shoulders could magically look smaller!

Think of decorative straps and all those fancy add-ons.

Apparently, they do serve a purpose other than making you look grander.

flattering bikini natasha red floral bikini back view

Wanna make your back look sexier? Then make sure your bikini top has elaborate add-ons — just like this Natasha Ruffled Bikini.


3. Make It Fit You

I know this tip is third on the list. But, it can be the most crucial.

(Okay, I admit everything here is crucial!)

Imagine wearing the most beautiful swimsuit you’ve ever seen.

It looked okay and almost fitting.

But, once you dipped into the ocean…

You immediately knew there was something wrong about it.

Now that it’s wet, it doesn’t look good anymore! Ouch.

Know what you need to do?

Take Your Current Measurements

That is — before buying anything. Especially when you do that online.

The models all look good in their swimsuits, we admit.

But you have to make use of the size chart well.

So seriously, take your measurements now. Record them.

Keep this record, and you should have it ready any time you shop for a new beachwear for this summer.

(And by the way, you should maintain those numbers, too. You know, before the vacay day.)

Choose Adjustable

Well, if you can’t help it — and I mean your dieting — then choose a bikini with adjustable ties and straps.

Proud of having a large bust? You can do well with some thick bikini straps. And when we say thick, we mean similar to the ones you’d find on a bra.

You can then adjust the fit to prevent sagging.

Here’s everything that you’d want to be adjustable:

  • Bikini straps
  • Chest band
  • Bottom tie sides

And speaking of tie sides — these are the ones you’d want to adjust in case your bikini bottom starts to loosen. (Right at the bottom of the sea! Or in the swimming pool, at least.)

flattering bikini kelly leopard green tie-up bikini pinkpineapple

Our Kelly Leopard Green Tie-Up Bikini Set looks absolutely gorgeous. You’ll love using its adjustable ties both at the top and right at the bottom.


4. Make Use of the Swimsuit’s Accessories

All those ruffles and extra details don’t just sit there for nothing.

In fact, they can add up to your total volume — or even hide any extra!

Whichever the case, all you need is to take note of the following.

When to Use Ruffled Swimwear

You gotta wear ruffled swimwear if you have narrow hips or a smaller bust.

These extra details can add balance to your figure.

For instance, a ruffled bikini top can put more emphasis on your chest area.

Likewise, a ruffled bikini bottom can add some volume to your hips.

Imagine wearing a ruffled swimsuit, and now you’ll achieve that much-coveted hourglass figure!

flattering bikini chest area kaylee v-neck ruffled top

Our Kaylee Swimsuit features a ruffled top that puts more emphasis on your chest area — even if you don’t own much of a ‘real estate’ to begin with.

When to Use Plaid Swimsuits

Plaid swimsuits tend to fool the eyes. They can make you think your sides are more trimmed down than they actually are.

So, the best case for wearing these swimwear types is when you wish to hide your belly pooch.

swimsuits to hide belly pooch karen plaid pinkpineapple

Our Karen Red Plaid Bow-Knot One-Piece Swimsuit hides your belly pooch in such a unique, flattering way. 

You Can Use A Plus-Size Swimsuit, Too

Sometimes, you can solve all of your body-figure woes if you simply wear a plus-size swimsuit — or even one of those so-called mom bathing suits.

I mean, of course, you don’t need to wear the largest in size.

But, a smooth, one-piece bathing suit can make your tummy look flatter.

Even a plus-size bikini like this can also make a flattering effect.

flattering plus size best swimsuit to hide tummy

Our Savannah Floral Cut-Out Plus-Size Bikini is one of the best swimsuits to hide belly pooch.


5. Mix Up Various Swimwear

Tried a bikini pair that doesn’t seem to look right together?

Well, you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing those top and bottom pieces together.

You can simply mix things up!

Match Different Pieces Together

Okay, some bikini sets simply look perfect.

But they don’t always look good on you.

So why don’t you try to use one lovely bikini top with a gorgeous bikini bottom from another set?

Just make sure the colors combine well.

The point is for you to curate for yourself a flattering bikini.

The best part? You get to highlight your very best curves and hide those that aren’t as good-looking.

Try it, and you should draw eyes to yourself! (In the positive sense, of course!)

flattering bikini mix and match sample

Mixing up bikinis is never a bad idea. It all depends on what you want to emphasize. Feel free to unleash your creativity!


6. Stay Practical

Really — stay practical for the sake of your cash.

Also, many men would appreciate a practical and wallet-conscious woman.

But aside from being practical in terms of money, you should take note of what you’re using your bikini for.

Swimsuits for Surfing

If you’re gonna go to the beach for surfing purposes, then choose a fitting swimwear.

You’d want your swimsuit to stay in place and stay secure.

For best results, you would want to choose a sporty one-piece or two-piece suit.

Think this might not look too good?


A sporty swimsuit can be flattering too!

Here are some essential features that you’d want to see in sporty swimsuits:

  • Hidden support
  • Attractive prints or patterns
  • Super skinny fit
  • Side designs that create a slimming effect

What do we mean exactly by the last part?

It’s pretty simple. You’d want to wear a swimsuit that features some colored panels on the sides.

Why colored?

The colored patterns create such a remarkable slimming effect!

flattering bikini sporty yara blue bikini set pinkpineapple

This Yara Blue Bikini Set looks so comfortably sporty and tight-fitting. Take a peek at its gorgeously attractive colored prints. This bikini makes you look slimmer overall.


7. The Secret’s in the Cut

Your swimsuit might have all the elements above. But without the right cut, those fancy features could all become useless.

Often, a flattering bikini is something that has a cut that matches your figure. And I mean perfectly.

High-Cut Flattering Bikini

Imagine yourself wearing a high-cut bikini bottom.

When you stand in front of the mirror, you’ll immediately notice how your legs would look longer.

So, are you petite?

Then you now know how to make yourself look a little taller.

Does your upper body seem to be longer than your legs?

Then strike the balance by wearing some high-cut bikini bottoms.

flattering bikini meaghan striped high cut bikini pinkpineapple

Our Meaghan Striped Bikini has a high-cut bottom. See how that makes your legs look really sexy and long. 

High-Waisted Flattening Bikini

You probably don’t have an issue with your height.

Instead, you’re a little concerned about your belly.

No problem. A high-waisted flattering bikini is all you need.

If you wish to wear a two-piece set but wanna hide your tummy at the same time, then this solution is just perfect for you.

Now if you can’t seem to find a high-waisted bikini you like, you can also use a cover-up instead.

flattering bikini viper yellow high waisted bikini set pinkpineapple

Our Viper Yellow High-Waisted Bikini Set looks extremely badass. Probably the best swimsuit to hide your tummy.

Halter-Type Swimwear

Halter styles look stunning. Whether you’re talking about gowns or swimsuits, a halter design draws everyone’s attention right to your bust.

The key, of course, is to make yourself look like you have an hourglass figure.

flattering bikini addison halter v-neck pinkpineapple

This Addison Halter V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit is absolutely flattering.

Triangle and Bandeau-Style Tops

If you don’t prefer halter swimsuits, you may instead try triangular or bandeau-style bikini tops.

Again, the goal is to make your chest look a little more endowed.

These bikini top cuts give the illusion of balance in your overall body figure.

flattering bikini keily flesh bikini set pinkpineapple
See how our Keily Bikini Top makes your chest look ‘a little more endowed’?

Flattering Bikini? There’s Always One For You

Think you know how to find a flattering bikini now?

I hope our tips above have offered you some help.

Remember, there’s no one-size-perfect-for-all bikini.

In any case, the best bikini is the one that looks most gorgeous on you.

And makes you feel even more proud of yourself.

So get yours now.

flattering bikini natalia leopard bikini set pinkpineapple

You can even go as wild as you want with our Natalia Leopard Bikini Set. It’s all up to you now.



Wanna see our best flattering bikinis and swimsuits? Click here to get them at discounted prices today.

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