How to pick perfect sunglasses for your faces

How to pick perfect sunglasses for your faces

Choosing sunglasses according to your face is not an easy task. It may seem to be an easy task for you but the reality is different. There are different types of frame available in the market according to your face shape. It depends upon you whether you want to impress someone with your sunglasses or you want to put a terrible impression on others.

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Are you looking for the sunglasses for men or sunglasses for women according to facial expressions, then this blog may be helpful for you.

Determine your face type: Before choosing sunglasses, determine your face type. For determination, you can take the help of a mirror and any washable marker. If the washable marker is not available then you can use your lipstick. Stand in front of the mirror and trace your face from hairline to chin. Have a look at the resulting shape.

1. Sunglasses for Round Shape Face: A face without sharp chin angel is considered as round shape face. With smooth and rounded hairline. For this kind of face shape, choose the frame with greater width.

 Some suggestions for round face:

  • Rectangle and square glasses are suitable for this kind of face shape.
  • Wide frame.
  • Butterfly sunglasses.
  • Cat’s, eyes glasses.
  • Aviator glasses.
  • Wayfarers shape glasses and sunglasses with a narrow bridge are also suitable on a round face.

Avoid following glasses for round shape face:

    • Round glasses.
    • Avoid glasses that cover your eyebrows.
    • Avoid narrow frame glasses.
    • Avoid colored lenses.
    • Avoid sharp-edged glasses.

    2. Sunglasses For Square-Shaped Face: In the square face, the chin is broad and angular. Square face’s length and width are identical. The hairline of the square face is almost straight.


    Suggestions for square-shaped face:

    • Large sunglasses are suitable on a square face.
    • Square face-shaped person can also try frame less glasses.
    • Cat’s eyes and aviator glasses also suit on a square face.
    • Round, oval glasses are also perfect for square-shaped persons.

    Avoid following shaped glasses for square-shaped face:

    • A small and narrow frame glass does not suit on a square face.
    • Avoid wider frames sunglasses for men and for women.
    • Avoid sharp corners with square frames.

      3.Sunglasses For Oval Face:

      • Rectangular sunglasses.
      • Aviator sunglasses are perfect for oval faces.
      • Cat’s eyes glasses are also a good choice for oval faces.

        Avoid following shaped glasses for an oval face:

        • Narrow frame glasses are not suitable on the oval face.
        • Avoid too wide glasses.
        • Avoid sharp-edged glasses

        4. Heart-Shaped Face: Face with narrow chin, wide forehead is considered as the heart-shaped face.try the following glasses for this type of face.

        • Round glasses are the best choice for them.
        • Small frame with a narrow bridge is also suitable on a heart-shaped face.
        • Frame less glasses are also a good option for them.

            Avoid following sunglasses styles for heart-shaped face:

            • Avoid large and heavy frames.
            • Don’t try the sunglasses that cover your eyebrows.
            • Avoid sharp outline glasses.

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