Pink Pineapple

stylish summer swimwear
for your ultimate beach getaway

about pink pineapple.

Our mission is pretty simple and fun.
We’d help you claim that beach confidence without ever walking away — again.
Relax. Take some time off. Wear that daring swimsuit. Enjoy.
You deserve that summer break.
We’re here to help you make your next adventure totally unforgettable.

Wanna order from us?

We’re based in LA, California  but we serve you wherever beach you are.
Whether it’s in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK — or simply anywhere else in the world.

why pink pineapple?

We love you. And we love the following.



Out with the old-fashioned. In with the new.

Every Pink swimsuit is styled for the modern gal.



You love elegance. So do we.

At, Pink Pineapple, we only give you what’s fashionable.



What is style without comfort?

All our bikini sets keep you protected. Enjoy the beach free of care!



Whatever your size, we’ve got just the style for you.

Embrace your body. Pink can always give you a perfect fit.

because Pink Pineapple likes you.

We care about your image, too.
That’s why we only provide swimsuits that totally suit you.
Choose Pink. Choose to be Confident. Choose You.